How It Works

How It Works

Handled works because of a unique combination of technology and caring. We feel for our customers who are transporting their lives to a new home, so we built cutting edge tools to help.

At Handled, we’re committed to serving our customers with moving tools based on data science, AI, and computer vision. We provide instant, guaranteed pricing; we offer online booking; and we built a free app to create an automatic Home Inventory. 

Our goal is to ease the process of moving, so you can spend more time settling in.

Lightning Bolt
Lightning Bolt

Instant, Guaranteed Pricing.

Traditionally, full-service local moves require phone calls, appointments, and a walkthrough with a stranger in your home. We created Handled to provide an entirely new experience.

We use data from hundreds of thousands of moves to show you a flat-rate price before you book. It’s instant, and we guarantee you’ll never pay more than the price we provide, even if your move takes longer than we thought.

We don’t estimate and we don’t charge by the hour or the mile; we use a few home details like number of bedrooms and ZIP code to accurately predict labor and equipment needs without an in-home survey.

And we’ll even show you a price calendar, so you can move on the date that saves you the most.

Automatic Inventories

​Moving details on your mobile device.

Using industry-leading machine learning, computer vision, and artificial intelligence technology, the Handled app will help you create an automatic Home Inventory right from your smartphone’s camera. All you have to do is point and tap. The Handled intelligent identification system does the rest.

When you’re ready, the Handled app will detect and identify common household items like couches, dressers, and chairs. You can decide what’s moving or not and you can add notes to make sure everything gets unloaded in the right spot. Plus, you’ll have access to your Home Inventory for life, so you’ll always have the records you need for tax/donation and insurance purposes.

We’re different because of our technology, and we’re different because we care. We believe our customers have a right to privacy protection in the digital age, so we use military-grade encryption to secure our customers’ data at all times.

Flexible Scheduling

We understand that when you’re moving, things change.

If you need to reschedule your move or cancel altogether, we make it easy: just give us 24 hours notice and it’s completely free of charge. There are no binding contracts and no hidden fees.

We’re so flexible because we have access to a nationwide network of dedicated local movers who are committed to helping you settle into your new home.

Top-Tier Professionals

We’ve built relationships with experienced home service professionals across the country. We call them Hands—and they’re part of the team dedicated to helping you feel at home.

Every Hand is highly-trained and background-checked. Hands are individually rated and selected from a large pool of applicants, so you can be sure you’ll be working with the best of the best.

Ready to move? Get an instant, guaranteed price.