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Get instant guaranteed pricing for local moves, book top-rated moving professionals, and create an automatic Home Inventory without an appointment. Handled combines outstanding customer service, smart tools, and unmatched flexibility to curate an exceptional moving experience.
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Instant, guaranteed pricing.

We use data from hundreds of thousands of moves to provide up-front, guaranteed pricing. Book entirely online—no appointments or in-person survey necessary.

Powered by
computer vision.

Create your Home Inventory in the Handled app with your smartphone’s camera—we’ll identify items like beds, dressers, and chairs automatically, and you’ll be able to add notes as needed.

True transparency.
Absolute flexibility.

We’ll show you a price calendar, so you can choose the date that saves you the most. Change of plans? Cancel free of charge, with up to 24 hours notice.

More than moving.

We curate an entire network of turnkey home services—just let us know what you need. We’re connected with professional lawn mowers, dog walkers, locksmiths, and more.

Service is our
middle name.

We’re all about making life a little easier. If you need help, there’s a real, local person committed to you from our nationwide network.

Working with Handled.

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Enter a few details to get instant, guaranteed pricing and choose your moving day.

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Use the free Handled app to create an automatic Home Inventory.

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Add items automatically with your smartphone’s camera.

4. Move

Watch trained professionals carefully load your belongings.

5. Relax

Settle in to your new home once everything is unloaded where it goes.

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Handled is available for 21 million people in five states, so there’s a good chance we’re already in your area. (If not, we’ll be there soon!)

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